DYSgenio: I WANT TO CRY (when you just label us ARTists)

Dyslexia is not a disability – it’s a GIFT!

I always admire and bless young peoples, who openly speak about their DYSlexia, like Piper does:

Piper Otterbein about Dyslexia on TED

When I listen confession like this:

I REALLY WANT TO CRY, because I remember times, when DYS peoples was labelled as STUPID so they can only study simple thinks like to be a COOK.

I REALLY WANT TO CRY, because today we tend label DYS peoples as GIFTED so we propose them to take more easy ARTIST ways.

I REALLY WANT TO CRY and in my ears resonate words from my left-handed friend:

“I am so glad then peoples stop right away label me artistically gifted, just because I am left-handed; it’s equally stupid like think ‘This cars colour is RED, so it must be a SPORTS CAR, so it will be: fast, very powerful, loudly, difficult to control or expensive, …’ You, know labelling most is stupid think in the word and you are lucky then your DYS can’t be seen straight same way as my left-handed gift”

I REALLY WANT TO CRY, because these days many DYS peoples feel like my left-handed friend 15 years AGO, just our DYS color label change from RED to RAINBOW one!

I fight first 20 years with my DYSlexia and other my DYS (learning disabilities) and my second year in university was really challenging for me, especially I hate lot of mathematics:

In middle of one math exam I was struggling to re-memorize some complex math stuff, so I draw in front of my math professor some scheme to more precisely recall it:

WOW, you are talented mathematician?

No, math is difficult for me.

(SMILE) You are excellent mathematician.

No, math is boring.

(BIG SMILE) You are ALREADY excellent mathematician!

No, NO! I HATE math!

You are talented Problem Solver; you are LEVITANT (Another BIG SMILE)


You are LEVITANT, you can see thinks from high perspective, look for similarities or differences, freely combine or remove stuff, looking behind curtains or turn fog into tangible reality.

You can be excellent mathematician: bring new smart ideas (invent), combine creatively stuff together (innovate) or just use thinks in different context (adapt) plus you can all of these visually explain to others.

You know, excellent mathematicians are Problem Solvers like you.

You need to find type of problems you like to solve, not just the discipline you want to study.

So I spend rest of university studies so seek problems I will like to solve and I was helping in next 20 years to do so others, mainly with DYS peoples.

But today, I REALLY WANT TO CRY, because we don’t ENCOURAGE AT ALL young DYS to find CHALENGING PROBLEMs which they will like to solve and we don’t allow them to study ANYTTHING they need to solve it with its own multi-disciplinary DYS way.

May be it’s more deeply hard coded into our minds, even this nice cartoon video about DYSlexia make a clear demonstration of status quo then most of our preschool kids don’t know what their GIFTs are?

What’s It Like Being Dyslexic?

Isn’t it somesthing we need to REALLY CHNAGE ?


So, how we can cooperate to achieve this goal?

PS: Do you know then ARTtist original mean somebody who is skilled enough so he/sho do thinks which normal peoples can’t do like juggling ?

Have a nice day

In DYSgenio we trully beleive: We are all gifted ~ EVERYONE!

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